Sunday, January 06, 2008

Jeju - Teddy Bear Museum

This is such an adorable museum. Though some of the bear are hmmm.. strange.. Try to imagine a Marilyn Monroe Teddy bear or Mona Lisa Teddy bear.. haha.. I prefer the classic type of cuteness.. such as those below.. :P

Btw, did you know that the name Teddy's Bear is named in honor of President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt?

They have a lot of display panel such as this sorted according to different era.

I like the little bear resting on the big bear. So sweet...

We had eye Contact.. lol

Charlie Chaplin

Going for a stroll


This is quite special.. i guess it must be quite old too..

125 Karat Bear

This is from the Korean Drama 'Goong'. The bears are dressed as royalties.

The World's smallest bear! 4.5mm

Korean Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Japanese style wedding

Louis Vuitton bear. The world's most expensive bear. It was auction for charity for US 193000!

Fireman. So cute!!

Another adorable one.. :D

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